Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Young M. C. Escher
Finally, he has a name! I decided on Escher despite loving the name Lyric. Lyric was a bit to feminine and he's becoming quite a rough and tumble boy as he relaxes. He's also quite the thinker. So I think Escher fits well and I love that I have not heard of any other dogs with that name.

We've jumped right into training and he's really getting the hang of sit and so far potty training has gone extremely well. Four days in and no accidents. He still misses his litter mates quite a bit and will whine, but it has lessened. He's extremely social so being confined to the X-Pen doesn't help, but with daycare children and daily life I need some piece of mind when I am unable to watch him. He also has a crate which he is transitioning to easily enough.

Friday he will make his first trip to our vet. This should be fun as I will be
Josie chillin' in the winter sun.
taking Josie for her annual check-up. Josie is not very happy right now. Or at least she doesn't appear so. Josie is 10 and probably thought her twilight years would be quieter. I think once we are able to get outside on a regular basis and Escher gets more training under his collar things will be fine. For right now I know she is content viewing from behind the X-Pen bars.

Unitl next time!

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