Monday, March 23, 2015

11 Weeks...How Time Flies

Can I Help...can I...Huh...Huh?
Escher is 11 almost 12 weeks and his pure and simple joy! I had forgotten what an uplifting experience raising a puppy could be. I waited quite a while for Escher. And now he's here and he has added so much joy and purpose to my life. We will start puppy kindergarten tonight. We had a bit of a delay because he had to get over a little puppy illness. He's 100% now and we are off to Pup 'N' Iron tonight. Since we are getting a bit of a late start with classes, I made sure to get him out and about to experience life.

We've been working on meeting tons of people, going to the school yard, Petco and Petsmart as well
Escher at the playground working on the sit.
as our local feed store. This weekend we will make another trip to the vet as well as a visit to his eventual groomer. He's watched the fire engines from the school yard and heard the sirens, he's played with children from 2-100 and is meeting the neighborhood dogs. He's nailed sit, is learning his name and mostly has the potty stuff under control. All the other stuff will happen.
Escher is already ahead of the game because his temperament is awesome and he is healthy! He's a
Ready to practice retrieving skills.

pleaser that is not only food motivated, but toy motivated as well. This excites me and makes my job easier with training, because if I run out of treats he'll work for the toy! 

Unit next time! 

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