Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome to the Family!

For the last 8 weeks I have anticipated the arrival of my new puppy like a six-year-old waiting for Santa and Christmas morning. My daughter’s think I have lost it and I probably have but who wouldn’t with a puppy like this. 

Wyatt Earp
My husband drove me 3 ½ hours to pick him up from the breeder. To say I was smitten when I first saw him is an understatement! I fell head over heels in love! I have been waiting for him since my Monster Puppy Wyatt passed over the Rainbow Bridge. As far as I can tell this little big puppy is the exact opposite of Wyatt. No puppy could ever replace him, but this little guy sure fills a void in my heart.

Waiting for his name.
He’s been with me less than 24 hours and I have yet to bestow a name upon him. I’m sure he could care less what he’s named as long as I feed, love and train him. But since I am human and it’s in our nature to name everything I am flip flopping between two names. Naming my daughter’s was easier than this. These are the names I am thinking of bestowing upon him.

Lyric for my love of music and because when I sang in the car on the way home it seemed to soothe him. I also have a love of art, one artist in particular M. C. Escher. I am hoping that I will have a decision soon.

More puppy love soon!